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Reverse Management Book

ISO Joe’s “Reverse Management:
A Tale of One Company’s Path to Quality Improvement

Reverse Management: A Tale of One Company’s Path to Quality Improvement features ISO Joe’s Reverse Management Model (RMM), which is a tool that was developed by Lean Quality Systems, Inc. to deal with the evolving infrastructure that emerges when technology advancement meets outdated management models – resulting in the fragmented and dysfunctional integration of people and systems. Follow Joseph Sorrentino as he implements his Reverse Management Model inside fictional ACME Corp., identifying and fixing the problems related to the most significant resources in a company – it’s people!

Configuration Management: Implementation, Principles, and Applications for Manufacturing

The demands of today’s economy are driving commercial businesses, the military, and government civil service organizations to think differently about how they do business, and quality assurance is no exception. To respond to these evolving demands, many organizations have created a new kind of management called Configuration Management meant to ensure a product maintains the same design, materials, composition, or processing as was originally intended, through its entire lifecycle. This seminal text provides an in-depth overview of this groundbreaking style, illustrating real-world case studies for understanding on how it can be learned, implemented and applied in any company.

ISO Joe’s Train the Trainer Leader’s Guide for Aviation, Space and Defense Organizations: AS9100C Quality Management System

  • Outlines the changes to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system and its effect on the AS9100C Quality Management System
  • Explains the reason behind the expansion of Risk Analysis, Special Requirements, Critical Items, Key Characteristics,
    Project Management, and Risk Management within the AS9100C Quality Management System
  • Defines Configuration Management within the scope of AS9100C Quality Management System Requirements

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You will receive everything you see here:

  • An easy-to-follow training manual addressing all AS9100C Quality Management System requirements
  • A DVD with more than 120 PowerPoint slides corresponding to the training manual
  • Sample COPQ and Calibration Gage Control
  • Free subscription to Lean Quality Systems’ monthly e-Newsletter

NEW! A link to a 20-minute video training session with highlights from AS9100C Quality Management System Requirements, taught by Joseph Sorrentino.

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ISO Joe’s “The Manager for the 21st Century” A Practical Guide to Configuration Management

Configuration Management (CM) provides the foundation for planning and communicating configuration controls and procedures between an organization and its customers. The content of the CM plans are revised to include historic, as well as updated planning and procedural information for more effective application.

This unique leader’s guide and training package is designed to teach audiences about the role of Configuration Management in companies that specialize in production, operations, distribution and services by giving them the knowledge and information they need to become a successful Manager of the 21st Century. From understanding contracts to “Lost Tribal Wisdom” to measuring and analysis for continuous improvement;

This training package includes:

  • A leader’s guide with background, processes, examples, case studies and terminology for becoming a “Configuration Manager”
  • A PC-formatted CD with a PowerPoint presentation covering Configuration Management and various components to the program

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