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AI on subs? Not an good Quality Assurance move.

  China’s plan to use artificial intelligence on nuclear submarines I bet that got your attention! Thanks for tuning in to another Lean Quality Systems post! As a Navy vet…

Poor Quality Assurance can sink a submarine!

Poor Quality Assurance did just that, in 1963.  Lack of Quality Assurance procedures and non-adherence to standards can be just as disastrous in your environment! Let me take a step…

Quality Comes Back to Karma

Quality control is essential in any industry.  When you’re making something as complex as a car, you better pay extra attention to quality. Recently, I had the pleasure of working…

AS9100 Revision D Training is Here!

AS9100 training is now available online!  ISO Joe is back with the latest installment in his training series, covering the AS9100 standard, Revision D. AS9100 defines the core quality management…

Augmented reality isn’t just for Pokémon Go

What do Porsche and Pokémon Go have in common?  They are both turning to the new technology of augmented reality .  Yes, the same technology that has people chasing invisible monsters…

Configuration Management, Who Needs It?

Configuration Management is the foundation of the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), which has been adopted by many organizations worldwide, primarily those involved in the development of software applications. Recently, the…

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