Gulstream 450 -AS9100D

AS9100, Revision D training – LOWER, simpler pricing!

AS9100 Revision D – You asked, we listened! Good news!  Customers have been loving our AS9100D course.  As a result, we’ve decided to make it simpler and easier to get up to speed on the latest in the Requirements for Aviation, Space and Defense. Rather than offering this course as a subscription, it’s now available[…]

Thresher crew

Poor Quality Assurance can sink a submarine!

Poor Quality Assurance did just that, in 1963.  Lack of Quality Assurance procedures and non-adherence to standards can be just as disastrous in your environment! Let me take a step back.  I would like to share a little of my Navy Career with you so you can understand why I am so “Gung Ho” about[…]


Quality Comes Back to Karma

Quality control is essential in any industry.  When you’re making something as complex as a car, you better pay extra attention to quality. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with Fisker on the re-launch of the Karma.  If you’re an auto buff, you’ll remember the Karma as one of the biggest failures in recent[…]


Augmented reality isn’t just for Pokémon Go

What do Porsche and Pokémon Go have in common?  They are both turning to the new technology of augmented reality .  Yes, the same technology that has people chasing invisible monsters is helping build your next luxury car. Augmented reality uses computer technology to overlay what you’re seeing with additional information.  Think of the head’s up[…]